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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why I Hate Seth Davis

(a.k.a. "Why I Love Luke Winn")'s hoops experts have a piece on line where they gaze into the Crystal Ball and make predictions for the upcoming NCAA season. Luke Winn currently gets my vote for greatest basketball prognosticator ever with this bold pick:

Final Four teams
Davis: Kansas, North Carolina, Arizona, Pitt
Wahl: Kansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona
Winn: North Carolina, Georgetown, Arizona, Wisconsin

Seth Davis, on the other hand, will feel my wrath for the rest of the season, as he has selected the Hoyas as his "Biggest Flop" of the season.
Davis: Georgetown
You've gotta love Roy Hibbert and Jeff Green up front, but college hoops is still a guard-oriented sport, and the Hoyas simply don't have the perimeter talent and depth to justify the lofty preseason expectations.

At least Mr. Davis is smart enough to give Green and Hibs some love.

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Diamond_Mike said...

Winn and Katz love the Hoyas. They are my boys now. I have no love for Gottlieb, Dukie V, or the other EPSN flunkies.

Seriously, Gottlieb and Dukie make more on-air mistakes than should be reasonably allowed.