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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Moving forward

Barker once again provides some excellent analysis. This is a lot of what we have been saying. There are three ways to attack the zone (shooting over it, driving through it, or flashing to the elbow). We have opted for doing only what we are worst at (shotting over it). I keep thinking back to how we shredding the Cuse zone last year. Why can't we do that against freakin' ODU?!?!

I also want to echo something that the IPB mentioned -- Jeff Green needs to step up. He is a pre-season All-American. He can control the game against nearly any opponent. No excuses.


Jester of Magellan said...

This is some excellent analysis. I especially concur with the comments concerning Sapp and Green.

Generally speaking, I have been pleased with Sapp's progress this year. He looks much more confident than he did last year, but he needs to progress further. Though he is not as steady as Jonathan, he is quicker and more explosive. If he becomes more assertive driving towards the basket it could really open up the offense against the zone.

As far as Jeff goes, I've been as disappointed as anyone about his play. But I think the real issue is the fouls. If he can find away to avoid early foul trouble, I am confident that his game will improve dramatically. Jeff is a game changer, but he needs to be in the game to make a difference. Further, avoiding those early fouls means that he doesn't have to approach the rest of the game with so much hesitance. Jeff is a very smart player and thus far this season I think his smarts are working against him. I am sure that he knows how important he is to the team and I think that he starts fixating on his fouls when he gets in trouble early. Look for him to play smarter in the opening minutes against Fairfield and have an absolutely dominant game. I think he turns his season around tonight. Remember that you heard it hear first.

Diamond_Mike said...

I think you are spot-on regarding Jeff. He is a bit too cerebral. He needs to cop an attitude and take over the game. Anyone who saw the Marquette-Duke game last night could see how one great college player can will a team to victory. Not that James did it alone, but he was the difference maker. Roy is becoming a great college center, but he does not have the versatility and therefore the impact on all facets of the game that Jeff can have. That said, Roy's shot is fantastic. He drained a 15-foot jumper against ODU. He looks like he could certianly begin hitting threes.