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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Something To Watch Out For

After the Hartford game a couple of us were discussing the Hoyas' pre-Big East schedule. Someone asked how good Oral Roberts was supposed to be this year (GU plays them on December 9). The answer, apparently, is they are pretty good. They took down #3 Kansas last night. For's report on the game, click here.


Italian Stallion said...

Good point Jester. Oral Roberts took it to GU a couple of years ago. To be certain, this year' Hoya's have a bulls-eye on their backs & there are a lot of would-be giant slayers lurking out there. It's no secret that early season rankings have a way of being too kind to certain teams & Oral Roberts would love nothing more than to knock of 2 top 10 teams in the same month. To begin the year ranked in the top 10 is a great thing; however, it puts the onus on GU to prove that their early season ranking is credible.

However, JTIII appears to be the real deal in that he's got the fellas focused on playing at the same level of intensity regardless of opponent & not to the level of the opponent as seemed to always be the case with CraigE. My prediction - Hoyas by 12.

On a random note - I was watching Boyz in the Hood over the weekend. For those that have seen it, I never realized that Cuba Gooding's character spends a large chunk of the flick chillin' in a GU t-shirt.

Diamond_Mike said...

Team like ORU and ODU are good every year and will pose a challenge. I remember Ken "King" Tut lighting us up two years ago. I'm very happy that we have ODU in McDonough. That makes me much more confident about this game.

After last night I'm not too worried about this season. We are loaded with talent but a lot of it is raw. And we have yet to show that we can handle a good zone. I imagine this season will be a lot like last season. By January when we are clicking we will be very hard for anyone to beat.