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Friday, November 17, 2006

Missed This Yesterday

Some how I missed this yesterday. Barker Davis wrote an article for The Washington Times Blogs about the GU-Vandy game. The focus of his post is JTIII's concern about the team's performance in that game. Despite the typos in the post's title ("Coache oncerned about Hoyas' high-scoring performance"), it gives a pretty good summary of all the Hoyas' positives from that contest.

Despite Thompson's take, 13 of Georgetown's 18 second-half field goals came on layups or dunks -- that's a pretty decent Princeton primer for the second game of the season, particularly given the team's relatively inexperienced backcourt. Juniors Jeff Green (19 points, eight rebounds, six assists) and Jon Wallace (16 points, three assists) both played spectacular on the offensive end, sprinkling in a series of two-man games (give-and-go, back cut, screen-curl-handoff) amid the team's overall attack.

But the ultimate positive from Georgetown's trip to Nashville was that Thompson was able to give extensive and invaluable playing time to youngsters Marc Egerson (33 minutes), DaJuan Summers (17), Patrick Ewing Jr. (15), Vernon Macklin (12) and Jeremiah Rivers (12).

And all of the above responded with flashes of brilliance.
Egerson did a nice defensive job on dangerous Vandy sniper Shan Foster (0-for-5 from the field), though Foster's poor night had less to do with Egerson than with Foster's gimpy right ankle.

Summers and Ewing showed their inside-outside games, as both finished in the paint for one score and buried a long jumper for another.

Macklin dropped in a nice hook shot early in the second half and showed the kind of outstanding athleticism for a 6-foot-10 player that made him a major blue-chipper.

And Rivers posted the first points of his GU career with serious panache, intercepting a pass and finishing his steal-and-score with a run-out jam.
For the rest of Davis's analysis click here.

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Diamond_Mike said...

This is why I love JTIII. The guy is a total perfectionist. He won't be happy until we win a national championship. Suck on that Joe Lang!