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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Post Mortem

Here is The Post's take on the Hoyas' embarassing loss to ODU last night.

And while we're at it, here is "the Time Moretem" from The Washington Times.

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Diamond_Mike said...

I don't really know what to say about this game that hasn't been said in the press. Here are a few impressions.

1. Playing in McDonough cuts both ways. I think for a team like ODU that is used to playing in small arenas, playing in Verizon may have been more of a challenge. Also, in such a small setting, the visiting fans can be heard as well. Still I thought the atmosphere was pretty good. I would love to see fewer alumni getting tickets though. Most sat on their hands throughout the game.

2. We just never sunk the dagger in. We had numerous opportunities over the first 25 minutes to end the game and did not go for the jugular. In hindsight, Jeff should have stayed in even with two fouls. We could have ended the game in the first half.

3. We do no attack the zone well. Our guards aren't quick enough to drive on a regular basis. Often no one flashes to the high post and our outside shooting is terrible.

4. Our perimeter defense is ghastly. This was a replay of the Hartford game. Yes, ODU shoot unbelievably well, but the shots were uncontested.

5. I really have no idea how we got out-rebounded. We just didn't want it as much, I guess.

6. We played with very light fire or passion.

7. PEII showed nothing tonight. He is very raw and has a penchant for fouling three-point shooters.

8. I think Egerson will be good but he is solid down low -- he can rebound and finish in traffic. He is not a good shooter.

9. We missed Tyler big time. We needed his rebounding and alleged outside shooting. (He is in the hospital with some unknown virus -- maybe Green has it as well!)

10. I think our team is too nice. They need to get nasty. We are just too gentle.

11. Our press is awful -- ODU broke it easily.

12. We look out of sync running the Princeton. I hope this is just a matter of time. But in the last two years we have had trouble in our opening games. I think it takes a while for it to jell.

13. Summers looked good, I thought.

14. Macklin is very raw. He has great difficulty hitting lay-ups.

15. Speaking of lay-ups, we counted 4 or 5 missed lay-ups in the first half. That can't continue to happen.

16. We need Jeff Green to play well. Period. He is the best player on the team. He was awful last night.

17. Wright and Freeman should graduate early and join the team next semester. We need outside shooting!!!!

18. We are clearly much more talented than we are showing on the court. I have never been so frustrated watching a team underachieve like this. It is like the reverse of JTIII's first year when I couldn't believe how well we played.

19. The Princeton offense sucks against lesser opponents. The limited possessions allows them to stay in the game. We really should have ended this game in the first half. I expected us to be up by 15 but we never closed them out.

20. The guys have to realize that we have a target on our backs. They are going to get other teams' best efforts every night. This is something Duke handles very well. We need to wake up to that fact and take nothing for granted.