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Friday, November 03, 2006

Starting Line Up

There is a thread on the HoyaTalk boards reporting that this was the starting line up at last week's scrimmage:

C - Hibbert
PF - Green
SF - Egerson
SG - Crawford
PG - Wallace

Obviously, Egerson at small forward is quite a surprise. Who thinks that this will remain the starting line up when it's time for the actual games?

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Diamond_Mike said...

Sorry I didn't report this on the blog. I told the IPB but I learned this from a confidential source the night after the scrimmage. (That's also why I didn't post it on the Board.)

I think it shows that JTIII values outside shooting. First, I don't imagine that Tyler will actually start. Rather, once Sapp is 100%, I think he will get the nod. In any event, both he and Egerson were in there because they can shoot. Ewing is too suspect in that department to play the 3. And Summers, while he does have a nice shot, is still green.

So I think we will be looking at Egerson at the 3 with Tyler subbing for him and Sapp. I doubt Wallace will see much bench at all. I can tell you that my contact said the first two off the bench were Sapp and Ewing; the next two were Macklin and Summers. So, I think Ewing and Macklin will sub in for Green and Hibbert, while Summers might be able to sub in for Green and Egerson.

Generally, I thought at the open practice that Crawford and Egerson both had much improved form on their shots and both spent the summer in the gym. They looked strong, confident, and ready to play.