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Monday, November 13, 2006

Seth Davis, Part II

Apparently Mr. Davis heard my criticsm. After the severe tounge-lashing I offered last week on this blog he decided to reexamine his position on the Hoya's potential for success.

In his Hoop Thoughts column on today, Davis presents a piece entitled, Postcard From Georgetown: Hoyas will use smarts to overcome youth on perimeter. In this piece he recants his earlier comments that Georgetown would be this season's biggeset bust. He now draws this conclusion:

Bottom line: I frankly went to Georgetown expecting to be under whelmed, but I came away believing this team has a real chance to finish in the top two of the Big East. With this system, the Hoyas don't need to have stellar guard play -- just very good guard play. As long as the Hoyas are able to take care of the ball, I see them finishing no worse than third in the conference behind Pittsburgh and Syracuse. They'll be a shoo-in for the NCAA tournament, but unless they really improve I think they'll be hard-pressed to reach the Sweet 16.

Nice start, Mr. Davis. That's much better. I'll recall the dogs. My legions of fans will stop sending you hate mail. Now, the newfound respect for the Hoyas is great. But this was the comment from Seth's article (we're friends again, I can call him by his first name) that really got me excited:

X-factor: Summers. One thing I didn't fully realize until I watched practice was just how good a shooter Summers is. He's athletic and long and repeatedly stroked in deep jump shots with ease. He only took one shot against Hartford in 10 minutes off the bench, but if he can progress to the point where he moves into the starting lineup, then you'll know this team is ready to take a major, major step forward.

Could the freakishly athletic Summers be the shooter we've been looking for?

Update: I wanted to post this earlier, but needed to get home to Mrs. Jester. Though I'm happy with Davis's decision to pull an about face on the Hoyas, his inability to spell player's names is inexcusable. Emerson? Sappy? Well, I kind of like Sappy. But, still.

1 comment:

Diamond_Mike said...

How about "Patrick Ewing Jar" and former Princeton coach "Pete Aril."

And the notion that we could very well finish 3rd in the Big East but will "be hard-pressed to reach the Sweet 16" is absurd. Any team that finishes that high in the Big East has a great chance to go beyond the Sweet 16.