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Monday, November 20, 2006

Luke Does It Again

Though's Luke Winn leaped to the top of my list of favorite columnists for his praise of GU, he stays up there for good sports reporting.

Luke apparently traveled to McDounough for the GU-ODU game and provides an excellent insider's look at the game, as well as some great analysis. Though the game was awful, Winn's reorting is fantastic.

According to Winn, ODU's victory ranks as the second biggest upset of the young season (after Oral Roberts beating #3 Kansas). He also reports that ODU used JTIII's decision to schedule this game at McDounough as motivation. Apparently, the Monarch's showed up at McDounough and were in disbelief that this is where the 8th ranked team in the country, a member of the mighty Big East, played their games. Coach Taylor explained that this was GU's practice gym and that the only two games there this year were against ODU and Winston-Salem. ODU seemed to take this as a slight. Very interesting stuff.

For the rest of Luke Winn's thoughts, check out his College Basketball Blog on

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