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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Great update on LaSalle scrimmage from the Board

"A friend of mine attended today's scrimmage and Philly-MD all-star games last weekend. I was only able to talk to him for a few minutes, but this is what he told me about each event - LaSalle Scrimmage:

- the scrimmage consisted of 2 twenty minute and 1 ten minute game.
- He estimated that the Hoyas won the 1st scrimmage by 4 points, the 2nd one by 15, and the 3rd one by approx 20.
- Starting Lineup - Wallace, Sapp, Egerson, Green, Hibbert
- Hibbert dominated the first scrimmaged. He is in great shape and displayed great hands. The fed him the ball repeatedly and must have been something like 10-12 on FGs.
- Green was his usual all-around great player. Still needs to be more aggressive with his scoring.
- Egerson is in really good shape and probably was the best player on the court for the 2nd scrimmage.
- Summers was very impressive. Hit 3 3's. Staff expect hims to start sooner than later. He would push either Egerson or Sapp to the bench.
- Crawford was solid off the bench.
- Ewing added a lot of energy of the bench.
- Macklin did not play because of a bruise tailbone. The staff feels that he is already the best rebounder on the team. Also, they were raving about his passing ability - he is one of the best passing big men they have ever coached. The previous comment really took me by surprise.
- Rivers played pretty well. His biggest problem is that he plays too fast.
- No surprise here - Recruiting wise the staff is focused on the class of 2008.
- My friend was very impressed with the coaching staff. They do an excellent job teaching.

Philly-MD HS game- Chris Wright was terrific. Definite top 20 player in the country."

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