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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


IPB may have to change his Big East allegiances. It was recently announced that undrafted West Virginia standout, Kevin Pittsnogle, has signed a two-year deal with the Celtics.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Scouting report

The IPB and I attended one of last night's Kenner League games. We saw The Tombs (Green, Wallace, Ticket, Rivers, Summers) versus Clyde's (Hibbert, Sapp). Here's my brief scouting report. I'll let IPB fill in more details. In general, the game was a lot of fun -- high intensity but not much teamwork. Pops and Red were in attendance.

Green -- He's a beast. Looked great. Showed his skyhook and took it to the hole strong. I don't remember him taking an outside shot though. (IPB and I were in the front row. You can really get a sense for how hard it would be to stop Green when he's driving. Best case scenario is that you take the charge and break a couple of ribs!)

Hibbert -- Seems to have gained a step from last year. Quicker and more agile. Dunked everything around the hoop. He appears to have taken another step forward.

Wallace -- Also appears to have taken a step forward. Added muscle and was driving to the hoop and finishing. Outside shot looks silky smooth.

Sapp -- Seems to have added some muscle. Looked good. His shot seems to have improved a bit.

Ticket -- Freakishly athletic. NBA body. Was basically a non-factor. Roy schooled him. Dropped a couple of passes he should have caught.

Summers -- Like Ticket, very developed. Showed an nice outside shot. Fairly quiet as he deferred to Green.

Rivers -- Extremely quiet. Didn't make many mistakes but just deferred to Wallace most of the night. Had one fantastic drive but missed the dunk.

The freshmen definitely looked like freshman but you can see all sorts of potential. It was clear why they were ranked so highly but playing against two lottery picks exposed them as inexperienced.