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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tonight and next year

Here are a few good articles on the game tonight. Everybody is noting how Sapp and Summers have stepped it up. They will both be key this year.

Also, ESPN has its updating rankings of the class of 2007. Freeman is at #9 and Wright is at #20. Is there any way one of these guys can graduate this semester? What is truly amazing is that only Sead is scheduled to graduate at the end of this year. Theoretically, we could have the entire team we have now, plus Freeman and Wright at this time in 2007. Wow.

Update: Freeman dunking:

From Insiders:

"Austin Freeman is a tremendous college prospect because he is physically strong and mentally mature young man. He is a very consistent and efficient player. He is also a very versatile player, because unlike many players today he has a complete game. He can handle, pass, shoot, defend and rebound. Freeman has elite scoring instincts and reminds me of a young Mitch Richmond. One of Austin?s special skills is that he makes every one around him better. He is a winner, has a hi basketball IQ and very good knowledge of the game. He understands his role and is the consummate team player. Freeman knows how to play with and without the ball. Austin is a very strong physical specimen with NBA skills. He should be able to make the adjustment to college very quickly because of physical maturity and versatility. Austin is a smooth perimeter player, and has deceptive quickness with the ball. He penetrates with ease and is adept going both to his right and left. Freeman is a pure scorer. He is an explosive offensive player. Austin has a tremendous mid range game with an excellent shooting touch. His strength allows him to finish in traffic and elevate with the best of them. He will be a go to guy early in his college career. He has lost weight in the past year it has helped his explosiveness. He needs to continue to improve his lateral quickness so that he will be able to defend at the highest level in college."

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