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Thursday, November 09, 2006

100 Years...And 2 Days Until The Season Starts!

This picture comes from an article in the November issue of Washington Life about 100 years of Georgetown basketball. Diamond posted a link to the article (see the post entitled "Great article"), but due to a technical snafu that post did not appear until today. Because I was worried people may not see Diamond's post burried in the recent flurry of blog postings, I decided to directly insert this fantastic graphic.

So, enjoy. And go check out the article, it's fantastic too.

1 comment:

Italian Stallion said...

I'm managed to extract myself from contracts & torts long enough to view this. Great picture. I wonder if the picture of JI2 with arms outstretched was Dikembe's inspiration when he walked into Champs & made the same gesture. (Somehow doubt that JT2 was asking the same question though)