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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


As I suspected, we will be facing Villanova tomorrow, a squad which obviously gave us fits both times we played them. I am not looking forward to this game, not at all.

For a #1 seed, we have a very unfavorable draw, especially if we somehow emerge victorious tomorrow and Syracuse beats ND.


Jester of Magellan said...

Agreed. I am more worried about Villanova than any team in the Big East. Georgetown has played poorly against them in both of our games this season. We were very lucky to walk away from Philly with a "W" a couple of weeks ago.

It's quite ridiculous that a team as good as the Wildcats is a 9 seed! I think this speaks volumes for the depth of the Big East.

Diamond_Mike said...

I have to believe that we have finally figured them out. We played these guys twice already and it is clear that we are the better team. There are things that they do on defense that just give us fits. And to be fair, the phantom fouls on Jeff and Roy killed us last time, and we still won the game at their place.

I will be traveling to Germany tomorrow and hopefully can get updated on my blackberry. I'm flying back on coach(!) Saturday afternoon just so I can watch the Big East finals and our first championship since 1989 (knock on wood).