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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Durant in Celtic green?

This blurb was posted on ESPN's page 2....wish I had caught that game.

"Funniest live shot: Danny Ainge sitting next to Durant's mother and grandmother during Saturday's Texas-Oklahoma State game with one of those "I swear, this was just a coincidence!" looks on his face. That was like a deleted scene from the "Blue Chips" DVD.

(By the way, instead of scouting top prospects and buttering up their families, Ainge should be back in Boston convincing Paul Pierce that it's OK to pretend he has plantar fasciitis for the next five weeks.)"

If Durant and Oden both go pro and Boston secures the top pick in the draft, Boston will face a very difficult decision. In some ways, I'd almost rather see the Celtics wind up with the #2 pick so the decision will effectively be made for them.

On a side note, I believe Ainge's son is the starting PG for BYU, which will presumably square off against Oden and Ohio St. if BYU squeaks past Xavier.

1 comment:

Diamond_Mike said...

Nice! The league just fined the Celtics for that.