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Friday, March 02, 2007

I Love Roy Hibbert!

But not that way.

As promised, Luke Winn's interview with Big Roy is now avaiable at It's a pretty good Q&A session. Here are some of the highlights: (1) Roy likes the "Roy, Roy, Roy" chant, but is able to block it out; (2) he likes to go on YouTube and watch basketball clips (maybe he's seen some of Diamond Mike's?); and (3) he's a government major and wants to work on the Hill this summer.

LW: It says in your bio that you're a government major. Is that still true -- and do you plan to do anything with it?

RH: Yeah, I'm in political science. I might get an internship on the Hill this summer -- I need to make a decision on that soon, but because basketball is going on right now, I haven't been able to sit down with my advisor and look at it. Coach Thompson knows enough people around town that I'm hoping he could pull some strings.

LW: Are there any current politicians that you admire?

RH: I like Barack Obama. He came to campus and spoke [in September], and I got a chance to listen to it, sitting way up in the rafters. What he was talking about really seemed to click with me.

LW: Any chance you'll have a future in politics after college?

RH: Maybe if basketball doesn't work out, I'll run for office. But that's way down the road. I'm just trying to win ballgames right now.

Click HERE to read the rest of Luke' s interview.

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