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Saturday, March 24, 2007

CBS Announcers are Idiots

They tarnished Green's shot by claiming that he traveled, and they said it as if it was not even open to debate. There seems to be unanimity among those who know the NCAA rules that this was not even close to a travel. Here are some comments from referee forum on

"I am so tired of these announcers who don't know the rule. They keep talking about how his left foot was the pivot foot and that as soon as he lifted it, he traveled. Why won't these networks just hire an official that knows the rules? Drives me crazy. It was mainly Seth Davis."

"As soon as they started saying that, I started yelling, cursing, and throwing soft objects at my TV."

"This freaking ridiculous guys, the announcers are all idiots. I knocked over my water and spilt a bowl of ice cream on this one. GREAT play by the kid, GREAT no call by the officials. The reason its a no call is because there is NO CALL TO BE MADE. This is just driving me nuts."

"During March Madness, CBS ought to do what NBC does with golf. The golf coverage always has David Fay available to explain a ruling at the U.S. Open. Why not have a retired official available on the set for this sort of thing???? It would help explain these sort of situations to all who watch on television that have no idea when it comes to the rules of the game."

"It really favored the "up and under" move that the women use quite a bit that the fans always scream "walk" when i see it. But I think that he pushed off the right, stepped with the left and shot.....I am presently listening to the idiotic announcers on ESPN act like they are experts. once again, "ugly"="travel" in the minds of the uneducated, especially Doug Gottleib. That little snot nose pretty boy doesn't know crap...."

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