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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Coaching Staff Turnover

It looks like both Broadus and Johnson will be gone. I wonder who will replace them. Broadus, as our main recruiter, is a huge loss, but it is good for JTIII to build his coaching tree. Hopefully, that is the extent of the coaching losses for the season. Burke leaving would be huge. We can't have too much turnover.

Georgetown assistant to coach at Binghamton

Georgetown assistant Kevin Broadus will be the next coach at Binghamton, a source told CBS on Wednesday. An official announcement is expected Monday.

From the Newark Star Ledger:

The hot name to take over for [Joe] Scott [as Princeton head coach] will be Sydney Johnson, the former Princeton point guard who led the Tigers to their monumental NCAA win over UCLA in 1996 as the team captain and helped them back to the NCAA Tournament the following season. Johnson is currently an assistant coach to former Princeton coach John Thompson III at Georgetown, which is playing in the NCAA's Sweet 16 Friday night against Vanderbilt at the Continental Airlines Arena.

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Jester of Magellan said...

The loss of Broadus is definitely tough. It puts that much more pressure on JTIII to be everywhere at once to recruit.

I wonder who is on the short list for replacements? Maybe Clipboard Craig will come back? ;)