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Monday, February 12, 2007


Any predictions/prognostications?

This game has made me nervous all year, considering how well WVU's teams are coached. Of course, so are we.

The short turn-around following Sat's thriller has made me anxious all year, but then I realized WVU also played on Sat. against UCLA. So the effect of the rapid turn-around impacts both teams.

I say Georgetown in a sqeaker, 67-64.


Jester of Magellan said...

I agree that the Hoyas will pull it out in a close one. I actually think a close game would be good for team, since we haven't had too many games likes that.

That being said, the bookmakers have the Hoyas as 9.5 point favorites tonight. I wouldn't mind it if they were right either.

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Diamond_Mike said...

West Virginia is a funny team. They manager to lose to Cinci and yet have beaten some pretty good opponents (see UCLA). I'm very happy they are on our court tonight, but JTIII has had some trouble against West Virginia. The last time we beat them was in JTIII's first year, when we won the game to move to 8-3 in conference. We then proceeded to lose the last 5 games to finish 8-8. Ugh.

That leads me to something that has been troubling me--that is, our seeming inability to finish the season strongly under JTIII. In addition to our epic 2005 swoon, last year we were 2-4 over our last 6--punctuated, of course, by the South Florida debacle. I hope whatever has gone on in years past won't happen this year.

Anyway, with regard to West Virginia, we need to get out on their shooters. Teams seem to shoot the three well against us. That obviously cannot happen against WVU or we will lose. We make have to put Tyler or Rivers on Frank Young and tell them to do whatever it takes to prevent him from launching from three--even if that means a couple hard fouls early to put some fear in him.

This will be a tough match-up. I hope WVU is emotionally and physically drained after the upset over the weekend. There must have been some crazy moonshine-filled parties Saturday night.