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Friday, February 02, 2007


The Rivers-haters with the seats behind me have been trying to promote a new cheer at the games. Any times DaJuan Summers does anything they begin chanting: "DA...JUAN...DA...JUAN...DA...JUAN...." It hasn't caught on yet, but I think it will. Though I can't condone these fan's use of racial epithets, profanity, or nasally-sounding voices, I do agree with their accolades for Summers. He has been fantastic thus far. And we aren't the only ones to think so.

In Seth Davis's "Hoops Thoughts" column on he offers this thought:
If Georgetown could get 6-8 freshman forward DaJuan Summers to have an impact
every game, the Hoyas could take a major step forward. He may be the best pure
scorer they have.
I think Seth may be right. I said early on this season that DaJuan will be the best player on the team next year. With my regrest to our trio of outstanding juniors, I'm standing by my prediction.

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IPB said...

I am not sure I will join the chorus yet of those proclaiming that Dajuan will be our best scorer next season (what does that even mean? Leader in points per game? Leader in points per minutes played? Something else?), but there is no question he is a tremendous talent and has showed incredible poise for a freshman. He is a delight to watch and light years beyond Macklin's development (big men do tend to progress more slowly though). I echo Jester's sentiments in applauding him for his contributions this season. He is a delight to watch (most of the time).

He is clearly an integral piece to our success this year and in coming years.