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Friday, February 16, 2007

What could have been....

As many of you know, I was anxiously awaiting an announcement that Josh Thornton would transfer to open up room for Scottie Reynolds in blue & gray. Well, Thornton did eventually tranfer, but not until Reynolds committed to Jay Wright's Villanova program. Now, we have two open scholarships and a guard we really could have used was turned away. In any event, Scottie also shared his disappointment with how this turned out with the Washington Times. (BTW: We now have confirmation that Egerson did not leave for academic reasons. Rather, he is now a father and wanted to be in Delaware with mother and child. Best of luck to him.)

Reynolds shining for new family

Many expected that start to come at Georgetown. Reynolds' AAU teammate and "super-close friend" Vernon Macklin had committed to Georgetown, and the Hoyas had one area of weakness -- its thin backcourt -- an otherwise loaded squad. There was just one problem: Georgetown didn't have a scholarship available. John Thompson III and his staff already had promised places to high school juniors Austin Freeman (DeMatha) and Chris Wright (St. John's). And Josh Thornton and Marc Egerson, two players who left Georgetown this season, were still taking up slots. So Thompson and the Hoyas told a McDonald's All-American at a needed position there was no room. "It just didn't work out," said Reynolds, a grimace returning to his face. "I wouldn't sit here and say that I cried that I couldn't go there, but it was a little tough to swallow at first. Situations happen where things don't work out the way you want, and you've just got to live with it. Coach Thompson told me it wasn't because I wasn't good enough. The timing just wasn't right. They were out of spots. It would have been a good situation if it had worked out because I've played with Vernon and Chris [Wright] and against Jeremiah [Rivers], so I knew all those guys."

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