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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

John Beilein on Georgetown

We all know that the Hoyas destroyed West Virginia last night. The game was no where near as close as the 18-point difference in scores. There was some bad blood during the game between the fans and Mountaineer's coach, John Beilein. Following a hard foul on J-Wall, Pat Ewing bumped into the offending WVA player. That sent Beilein onto the floor to grab Ewing. I have to admit that I was one of the fans screaming for Beilein's objection. Coaches should never touch an opposing player. Ever. But after seeing the replay of Pat's brazen and low-class move, I can understand Beilein's anger.

Still, it is great to see that despite that incident Beilein had no problem praising Georgetown. After the game he said:

That was one impressive Georgetown team. It was a clinic. We tried hard, but we were certainly not on their level tonight.
And when discussing Georgetown's intense defense, which switched on every screen the Moutaineer's set, he stated:

I can't wait to watch the film and learn, because they're terrific.
That's pretty high accolades. In light of these comments, and Louisville coach Rick Pitino's comments, it would seem that praising the Hoyas is the thing to do if you you're a Big East coach.

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Diamond_Mike said...

I don't object to what Pat did. He was defending his player. Remember, Alexander took out J-Wal's legs in a very dangerous play. And why? If the ball goes out of bounds, it is WVU ball. If Wallace gets the ball, it is a backcourt violation and WVU ball. This was a senseless play in a game that had been over for awhile at that point. I totally understand Ewing's anger and his instinct to stand up for his teammate. He did nothing that could possibly injure Alexander--just let him know that it was not appreciated. Beilien, on the other hand, has no business touching an opposing player. That should have been an immediate ejection. BTW: We were close enough to see what Ewing said to Beilein and it is not appropriate for the blog.