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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jeff & Roy Slam Pitino's Birds

Somewhere a Kentucky Colonel is smiling. Jeff and Roy were huge as the Hoyas dominated L-ville. The score, I think, really does not communicate how well Georgetown played. Louisville played well, as they only turned the ball over one and shot well from outside. But inside, Jeff and Roy completed dominated. Also showing me something were Jessie Sapp, who shot well from the outside and drove the lane well, and Summers, whose threes down the stretch finished off Louisville. Great all around effort by the guys, with the noted exception of Pat Ewing in the vesper half. He needs to stay under control. Also, Rivers--once again--looked totally overmatched. But he did not turn the ball over too much. He just is a non-threat on offense.

Hoyas Keep Their Cool in Louisville

"We could play them 10 times and they'd win nine," said Pitino, whose team shot 33.3 percent and committed just one turnover. "We had to play almost a perfect game to beat them. . . . Their big guys being 16 for 20, they're almost impossible to stop because of their size. We did some good things, but we just could not defend them."

Hoyas' big men turn in big job

"To be perfectly honest, they were a much better basketball team than us," Pitino said. "We could play them 10 times, and they'd probably win nine. That's a very, very good team. The rankings are a little skewed. There are not 20 teams in the country better than Georgetown. They are a top seven or eight team in the country, no question."

Bonus Video

Hoyas Can Do It All

Big Roy Can Dunk

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