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Thursday, February 08, 2007

KenPom on the Hoyas

Ken Pomeroy is one the Hoyas' biggest fans. His program ranks the Hoyas #10 in the country and #1 in offensive efficiency. He had some kind words for the blue & gray this morning:

Comings and Goings in the Tempo-Free World

There’s a perfect storm brewing in the tempo-free world. UNC, one of the 10 fastest teams in the land may well have the best defense in the game, and Georgetown one of the 10 slowest, might have the best offense in the country. I’ve talked about the Tar Heels enough, but how about Georgetown? They provide a deadly combination of shooting (ranking 3rd) and offensive rebounding (10th). It’s Princeton on steroids. Georgetown’s offensive rebounding won’t get the pub it deserves (except for the Friday a while back where they outrebounded Seton Hall 17-7 on the Hoyas’ offensive end.) because they don’t miss many shots and don’t take as many as most teams. Offensive rebounding opportunities are probably rarer for Georgetown than any other team in the land, but they are a significant factor in their success. They can turn the ball over regularly (and do!) and still pummel opponents with points.

You'll recall that Ken has also been singing Roy's praises all year--calling him the best defensive center in college basketball in an article.


Jester of Magellan said...

I've been silently pondering Ken's predicted results for the Hoyas for quite some time. As many readers will know, Ken Pomeroy uses some crazy formula to continuosly rank teams and measure their probability for success going forward. Until very recently, Ken's formula had Georgetown winning the rest of its games (though the Hoyas chances in some of those games were close enough that the model actually predicted a final regular season record with two more losses). Yesterday the Villanova Wildcat's strong showing vaulted them in favorite status for their upcoming contest against the Hoyas in Philadelphia. Still, Ken's formula interestingly has the Hoyas as heavy favorites against Marquette and West Virginia.

I've been praying that Ken turns out to be right. But I've been too worried that he's not to actually post about it. Since Diamond has forced my hand, you may want to check it out.

Ken Pom's Predictions for the Hoyas

Diamond_Mike said...

Overall, he has us losing two more games, as we are not favored to win each game by 100%. I think 12-4 is actually a pretty realistic goal for this team. If we maintain our intensity, that is doable. Funny though, I don't see us losing to Nova--not after the last debacle. I think we will come in there looking to slam them like they slammed us in the rubber match two years ago. We have improved much since that loss, just like they improved a great deal after losing to us. (That was the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the 1985 upset. Yet another milestone we spoiled on the visitor's court, Manley Fieldhouse, dedication of Denny Crum Court, etc.)