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Friday, February 16, 2007

...Or Have You Any Money To Bet...

The Van Buren Boys do not condone betting on the Hoyas. We are here for the pure love of the Blue and Gray. We rarely even look at the line. We never place a wager. But...

For those of you who are interested in the financial side of things, this article is very interesting. Its basic premise is that you could have made a lot of money on the Hoyas during their recent eight game run. Even though the bookmakers have started to give Georgetown some love, it hasn't been enough. They have covered the spread in every single game in their winning streak with the exception of Cincinnati--and that was a push.

All discussion of betting aside, you have to love the way the betting enthusiasts describe the Hoyas' recent performance.

Is it too late to hop on the Georgetown betting train?
By Josh Hansen

As a set of nasty winter storms battered the eastern seaboard this past week, another powerful force was quietly gaining strength a little farther south in Washington D.C.

Those who saw it were lucky. Others have only recently been swept up by the
Georgetown Hoyas and their massive tear through the Big East like a tornado through a trailer park.

Except the Big East conference is no trailer park. It’s the mecca of college basketball.

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