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Monday, February 05, 2007

A Lot of Love From Jay Bilas

In today's edition of's "The Weekly Watch" Jay Bilas gives the Hoyas a lot of love. In short, he says Georgetown has a shot at making a run at the national championship. I don't know if I agree with Jay, but I would sure love to.

At this time last year, was anyone touting Florida as a national championship favorite? The Gators were ranked 11th when the tournament began, and all of the things we are currently saying about Kansas and some of the other teams out there, we were saying about Florida: inconsistent, inexperienced, no go-to guy, and all the rest.

UConn was the best team last year, but didn't win. This year, the best teams are Florida and North Carolina, and one of them may not win, either. One of the teams that could find its way to Atlanta, and is quietly getting better, is Georgetown. The Hoyas have improved steadily over the course of the season and have the chops to be really tough in March.

Before I decide if the Hoyas can make a deep run in the Tournament, I first want to see how they repond against some of the more talented teams in the Big East. This week's games should give us a good opportunity to gain some perspective on how good the Hoyas really are.

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