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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jeff's monster block

In a key moment during last night's game, Jeff had one of the sickest blocks of the season, which turned out to be a pivotal play since it resulted in a Georgetown fast break bucket, which put us by 10 as opposed to 6 had Cincinnati converted.

If anyone is able to find a clip of it, I would highly suggest posting it.

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Jester of Magellan said...

Jeff's block/fast-break pass was fantastic. Jeff is playing out of his mind right now. If you ask me, he's playing a little too good. Despite the assurances of his mom, I'm starting to get worried about Jeff leaving for the pros (like his mom would have said, "Oh yes, Jeff is definitely bolting after this year").

I haven't been able to locate a clip of the block on YouTube, but it is available on the highlights from last night's came that are available on's Motion.