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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Hoyas' Bandwagon Is Buidling Some Momentum

Each week the experts at put together their college basketball power rankings. These rankings list the 16 most powerful teams in the land. This week Georgetown crashes into this elite company as one of the four No. 4 seeds.


Quiet waltz through the soft part of the Big East schedule is masking the improvement in the Hoyas' play. Roy Hibbert's had two very big double-doubles in the last three outings. Hosting Marquette Saturday should turn up the volume.

I guess not every one is so high on the Hoyas, though. The lead piece on today is a pair of stories by Pat Forde and Andy Katz. Both writers participated in a one day mock that followed the exact process used by the selection committee when picking teams to participate in The Big Dance. By this process the Hoyas only ended up as a 10 seed. Now, to be fair, Katz explains that they crammed a three-day process into a single marathon determination. As a result they spent much more time considering who would make the cut and less time considering actual seeding. However, Forde's account leads me to believe that these mock selectors were not easily sold on even including Georgetown in this collection of 65 teams.

The process is every bit as fun and fascinating as I'd imagined -- and much more mentally fatiguing. By the 11th appraisal of Clemson, Alabama, Notre Dame and Georgetown, this was starting to feel like the "Clockwork Orange" scene when they pry open Malcolm McDowell's eyelids. And we hadn't even gotten to the seeding process or decided who was playing where.

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Diamond_Mike said...

This bracket is an outrageous snub. Our tournament resume is much much better than Virginia Tech's, not to mention Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Villanova, and Texas. These are all teams he has with higher seeds. Yes, we don't have a marquee win yet, but the Committee has shown that consistency is important. Virginia Tech has beaten UNC and Duke but it lost to Western Michigan, Southern Illinois, GW, Marshall, and NC State--all school that will NOT be in the NCAA tournament. And he has Florida St. as a 6 seed, even though it is only 5-5 in conference. This was very strange. I'll leave the prognosticating to Lunardi.