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Monday, February 28, 2005

Still in (this week's Bracketology)

Well, boys, at least someone thinks we're still in.

The latest bracketology says we're still going to The Dance--though we're down to a 10-seed.

That being said, I'm a bit concerned that they are predicting 8 Big East teams! That just seems crazy.

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Diamond_Mike said...

Bracketwatch still has us in too, but down to a 12 seed.

Bracketography has us as a 13 seed.

We MIGHT be able to slip into the tourney with a win over Providence and a win in the BE tourney, but two will probably be necessary. Winning on Wednesday, of course, makes that moot. The big question here is how much RPI will matter. Ours sucks but a lot of people think this year's RPI formula is awful. Under the traditional formula our RPI is quite good. Will the selection committee like the new formula, or conclude that any formula that says teams like Vermont should get at-large bids is crazy.