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Friday, February 25, 2005

Power 16

Okay boys, it's gonna be tough.

At's Power 16 for the week, UConn is a 3 seed.

Nova is not ranked, but they're getting votes (one of 4 teams). That means the pundits are putting them in the top 20 teams right now.

Tough, very tough.


Diamond_Mike said...

Well, look at it this way: Nova and UConn are locks. These games are not that important to them. They are vital to us. BTW: Has anyone noticed Pitt's swoon? I seriously think we have a better chance of making the tourney than they do. We have a similar RPI and the same in conference record. They could easily lose their last 3 games, all against tough teams.

Diamond_Mike said...

The NOVA game is SOLD OUT. Ryan, you better be there; if you can't go, give your tickets to someone else. People are desperately trying to get tix on the message board. Evidently, ticketmaster still has some individual tix in the cheap seats but no consecutive seats are left in the entire stadium. Should be a rockin crowd!

Jester of Magellan said...

It's awesome that the Hoyas can finally sell out a home game!

I just hope that there aren't a lot of Nova fans in the crowd!