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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Sports Guy and the Hoyas

I was reading the Sports Guy's column on this morning where he breaks down his NBA All-Star experience with fake awards he would have liked to give out. Here's one with a Hoyas connection that I think all of you will enjoy (you have to read to the bottom).

The Jim Gray Award for "Strangest moment that involved Jim Gray"
Gray and I were introduced for the first time on Saturday afternoon ... he walked away ... and then returned 30 seconds later to ask me, "Are you the Bill Simmons from Page 2?" He proceeded to tell me that I was wrong about his performance after the Artest Melee, when I wrote about his voice "inexplicably quivering." According to Gray, many people on the floor were sprayed with pepper spray -- including him -- which explained his general demeanor after the incident. Fair enough. Although I think this should be another event on All-Star Saturday -- "Spray Jim Gray with Pepper Spray."

Three other goofy brushes with greatness:

1. I followed Mark Eaton in a urinal, which was like following U2 at Lollapalooza.

2. I stood in line to buy drinks at the NBPA party with Wilmer Valderrama, Danny Masterson and a sloppy Bijou Phillips right behind me, but I wasn't quite drunk enough to ask Wilmer the "real or fake?" question about his ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. Wilmer's carrying that secret around like Bob Woodward's carrying Deep Throat's real name.

3. At one point during the NBPA party, you could have formed an isosceles triangle using me, Dikembe Mutombo and Zydrunas Ilgauskas as the three points 20 feet apart. I couldn't have been more riveted -- they were standing out like two skyscrapers. Who wants to sex Mutombo!

To read the entire article click here


Italian Stallion said...

Mike: This is quite possibly my favorite GU basketball story. Close second & third both involve our dear old Skelator look alike - Victor Page:

# 2 - VP frantically rushing to the check-out counter and barking at Chris Kiers "Yo Man, I gotta do a book report. I got the right book?"

# 3 - VP getting shot down by one of the girls on our floor in Sleepy Hollow (her name escapes me).

Diamond_Mike said...

I think her name was Nicole. Very pretty if I remember correctly. You know the poor guy got shot in the eye, right?

Italian Stallion said...

Nicole sounds right. If I remember correctly, he was shot w/in the past year?

Poor guy, had the heart & desire of a giant, but unfortunately the smarts of rock. His stint in the CBA marred by the fact that he was involved in the league's bigget brawl ever (similar to the Pacers / Pistons event).