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Friday, February 04, 2005

Speaking of Blue & Gray

Interim AD Adam Brick announced before the Seton Hall game that the Hoyas will be returning to traditional GU colors next year -- home grays and road blues. No more of the black and teal. Also, from now on, our uniforms are going to be made by Jumpman23.

Check out the shoes (and the cool pic of JTIII)


Diamond_Mike said...

Also, JTIII is soliciting info on how to improve the GU basketball experience.

Italian Stallion said...

The shoes look pretty cool. My all-time favorite uniforms were the ones from the 95-96 team.

As far as making the games more interesting, i vote to bring back the noise decibel monitor in the upper wings of the crap-hole known as usairways arena. in addition to giving people a reason to scream, it was the mark of a good game when that thing was up to 100 for a protracted period of time.

Italian Stallion said...

By the way, has anyone heard who is in line to be the AD. Adam Brick scares me. Whenever he would come talk to us about the ethics of being an athlete and gambling on college sports, the dude looking stoned out of his mind. But, maybe things have changed w/ him.

Jester of Magellan said...

I guess Jordan's fondness for McDonough keeps on paying dividends. I feel like it's almost a status thing to be part of the Jumpman23 crew.
As far as the new unis go, I think it'll be interesting to see the greys come back. To be honest if feels a little weird. Now days, grey says away baseball team and not much else.

Diamond_Mike said...

No word yet on who the replacement will be. Hopefully someone good at fundraising. Did you see the boathouse is once again in litigation? There was a WashPost article on it two weeks ago. That thing won't be built for another 10 years at this rate. In March ground will be broken for the first phase of the football stadium, though.

Diamond_Mike said...

Boathouse article:

Diamond_Mike said...

And more props for JTIII: