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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Offensive Rebounding

I caught the second half of today's GU-Nova game. It looked to me like we were getting absolutely killed on the offensive boards by guys much smaller than us. I think it's looking more and more like we're going to have to fight it out with ND for the last Big East spot. A win against UConn would go a long way in that direction.

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Diamond_Mike said...

I totally agree. Rebouding was the difference in this game. We shot very well in the second half; rebounding killed us. This really confirms that Green and Roy "The Natural" Hibbs have run out of gas. The season is far from over but here are some philosophical words from Michael Wilbon with which I concur:

"John Thompson III may have gotten everything he can get out of this group, which shouldn't be seen as damning the Hoyas with faint praise. Who, at the beginning of the season outside the Georgetown basketball family, would have given a nickel for the team's chances to win 16 games with a new coach installing a radically different system that would have to be run by freshmen and walk-ons in a conference featuring the last two NCAA champs?

Thompson's first Georgetown team has earned not just the respect, but the admiration, of his peers. Yesterday's loss to Villanova put on display most if not all of Georgetown's strengths and weaknesses. The Hoyas pass the ball beautifully and rarely take bad shots. They space the floor, move efficiently, and much more often than not know exactly what to do at the right time.

Still, the Hoyas cannot hit enough shots to beat really good opponents. The Georgetown players give their coach everything they have, and it just ain't enough. They don't have the physical talent to challenge the really good teams as February turns to March. Villanova's primary defensive strategy was to not allow Georgetown's best offensive player, freshman Jeff Green, to touch the ball and to make other Georgetown players hit shots. 'And we couldn't make a shot,' Thompson said."