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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Another game, another win

Close game down the stretch and the Hoyas, once again, found a way to win. I listened to it. Ryan was there and hopefully he'll post a recap if he's not too busy celebrating Kevin McHale's new headcoaching position (hopefully Kirt Rambus won't charging the T-wolves bench). Board members who saw the game said JTIII adjusted beautifully after halftime and we got much better at breaking down the WV defense and cutting down on our own turnovers, although we still had way too many. So we are in third place in the Big East, two games behind BC, and one game behind Cuse. Wow. Next game is on TV -- against Notre Dame on ESPN Classic. Hopefully, Mike and Steve will be able to see it in spite of their crappy cable packages. I think we are really only two wins away but three will make us a total lock. We have 5 games left. St. John's and Providence should be wins. That means we have to steal one against Notre Dame, Villanova, or UConn. If we beat Notre Dame, I think we can start worrying about seeding. Too bad we have a new AD -- JTIII needs a contract extension. And, for the records, from here on out: MAKING THE NCAA TOURNAMENT IS AN EXPECTATION NOT A GOAL!!!!!

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