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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Well, at least we can say that our boys don't give up. That was quite a valiant effort in the last minute of the game.

With that being said, let me be the first to say that exposure on national TV might kill Georgetown's chances of making the tournament.

Though I didn't see tonight's game because I'm stuck at work, it didn't seem to go very well. It's true that we picked up in the second half, but the first was abysmal.

This is only the second time we've been on national TV and this is the second time we've gotten beaten . . . badly (okay not badly tonight, but we got beaten badly in the first half). I have to believe that the fact that only our worst outings are reaching a national audience is going to hurt us on selection Sunday.

That's my two cents.


Diamond_Mike said...

We won our other game on national TV over Seton Hall. So we are 1-1 on national TV. In any event, I don't think it matters what games are on TV. The selection committee is pretty smart. Everyone says we need 2 more wins. (Although Digger says 8-8 is good enough!) That's a win away against St. John's and a win at home against Providence. I would love to see a win against Nova at home just to make the Big East tourney academic. Our other game is away against UConn. We can't keep spotting other teams 12 points in the first half, though. At least Hibbert had a great game.

IPB said...

I have been increasingly concerned by our sluggish performances in the 1st half of games. It seems as though in almost every game this season we have been spotting our opponents 10-15 point leads in the first half. Prior to tonight's contest, Georgetown overall has done a great job of erasing those deficits and pulling out victories but tonight's game showed that eventually poor first half play will catch up to us. Hopefully we will rebound against St. John's and avoid dropping consecutive contests for the first time this season. The St. John's game is now a must-win. The good thing is St. John's really sucks, so we should be able to beat them handily.

Jester of Magellan said...

Sorry Mike, for some reason I was thinking that Georgetown's other national TV game was against BC. It's probably because that's the only game I've been able to see on TV and because I was so upset about the ND loss.
Overall, I echo Ry-Ry's sentiments. I don't get why we're so sluggish in the first half. Based on the numbers--which is all I see for most games--it just seems to be bad shooting. At the beginning of yesterday's game we were shooting about 30%...including 18% from beyond the arch. The real question is what can the team (and when I say "team," I mean JTIII) do to fix this problem. I'm glad Digger says 8-8 will be enough, but I don't buy it.

Diamond_Mike said...

Our 3-point shooting has gotten worse and worse with every game. I don't know why. We've been getting a lot of open looks; they just aren't going down. Jonathan Wallace was unstoppable earlier in the season and now he can't hit the broad side of a barn. Ray Reed never could shoot. Bowman and Cook can, but are streaky. I really think Wallace's downturn has been the difference. That said, we can beat teams like St. John's and Providence without shooting lights out. I was worried about this game because we played how we've been playing -- only against a much better team. That kind of performance beats Rutgers, West Virginia, and Seton Hall, but not Notre Dame at home. That said, we did play very well in the second half -- shooting over 60% and playing better defense. It was spotting Notre Dame a 13 point lead that killed us. We play slowly and with so few possessions such a deficit is difficult to overcome. St. John's is a must-win. Plain and simple. If we do that, we're in the driver's seat. I have to take some heart in the quality of Roy Hibbert's performance last night. He was just dominant. He completely shuts down the middle and was actually very productive on offense. With him and Green, the Hoyas' frontline looks strong well into the future.

Italian Stallion said...

i agree w/ ryan. it seems like we're very generous in the first half of games, either that or were hustling the crap out of other teams.

having said that, mike mac, i share your pain about game viewage. the only other game i've seen in entirety is the bc affair.

by the way, time warner cable pisses me off. on my espn channel last night, they broadcast the classic channel, however, it was the uva / unc game, which was a 30 point blowout. my cable sucks.