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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


This week's Bracketology at has Gtown as a 6 seed. Even nicer, it lists GU as an "underrated" team. Hopefully with time--and more wins-- we can get the respect we deserve.

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Diamond_Mike said...

I kind of like the idea of us being unranked, for now. Maybe we can still sneak up on some teams. That said, it is kind of shocking how poorly we've performed in the national polls. I mean, Villanova is ranked, even though we beat them on their home court and we have a much better Big East record (including twice as many wins against ranked opponents). And, we only get a few more votes than Maryland -- Maryland! -- they have a losing ACC record with losses to Clemson and Miami in the last week! At the end of the day, the rankings, even this late in the season, still reflect pre-season expectations. How else can you explain how Pitt didn't drop from the rankings last month after losing a string of games to the likes of Bucknell and St. John's? Oh, and do you think Vermont and Witchita could beat us? Give me a break.