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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Update on Green from Katz

Any Katz keeps on top of the Jeff Green situation on his insider blog. This is the latest:

Georgetown's Jeff Green remains the most intriguing early entrants in the draft. At least one player on the Hoyas is under the impression that Green is staying in the draft, but an NBA team said it has been told that he's going back to the Hoyas, sources told Wednesday. Green will work out for the Boston Celtics brass Friday on campus.

I may be an optimist but, despite what one of his teammates believes, I think this is good news. It is far more important that the NBA teams that are evaluating him know where he stands than one of his teammates. My guess is that he and JTIII are keeping this pretty close to the vest, but are more likely to share with the NBA scouts who are watching him practice. Also, I think Katz worded this carefully. A team member is "under the impression" while a team "has been told." I guess we'll see soon enough!

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Diamond_Mike said...

I should also point out that it is quite possible that JTIII has instructed all of his guys to simply state that they are under the impression that Jeff is remaining in the draft, as was the statement at the press conference.