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Thursday, June 21, 2007

KG a Celtic?

According to this morning's Boston Herald, the Celtics are closing in on a trade that would bring Kevin Garnett to Boston in exchange for Al Jefferson, the Celtics' #5 pick in next week's draft, and likely a couple other players.

While it makes Boston relevant in the short term, I am going on the record now to state this is a bad deal.

Kevin Garnett has been the consummate professional but let's face it: he's 31 years old and hasn't even been able to lead his team to the playoffs over the last couple of seasons (admittedly in a very very deep Western Conference). Garnett has at most a couple of more good seasons before he starts to decline.

Al Jefferson, on the other hand, played like a beast last season and he's only 22! I would be shocked if he were not an all-NBA 1st, 2nd or 3rd team member by the time he's 25 (and pehrhaps earlier). He's well on his way to being a bona fide 20 point-10 rpg guy for many seasons to come.

Plus giving up the #5 pick in one of the deepest draft in recent years!

Boston will have so much money tied up in Pierce and Garnett that what you see is basically going to be what you get unless another veteran is willing to take a huge pay cut to play along side those two. This duo is not going to be enough to get it done and bring championship banner #17 home to Boston.

I am sick.

Source: C’s closer to KG deal
By Steve Bulpett
Boston Herald Sports Reporter
Thursday, June 21, 2007 - Updated: 04:49 AM EST

The process still is far from complete, but a league source indicated last night the Celtics [team stats] were moving closer to a deal for Minnesota star Kevin Garnett.
“There’s a good chance nothing happens,” the source cautioned, “but the talks seem to be ongoing. Neither side seems willing to drop this.”
It was further indicated that if such a deal goes down, it would indeed involve both Al Jefferson [stats] and the Celtics’ No. 5 overall pick in next week’s draft.
Celtics director of basketball operations Danny Ainge admitted earlier this week to the Herald that he had discussed a deal for Garnett with Timberwolves counterpart Kevin McHale. When reached last night, Ainge said he is not commenting on any trade rumors.

Reacting to the Herald story yesterday in Minneapolis, McHale said any trade talk involving Garnett so far has been just that - talk.
“Who knows what’s going to happen?” McHale said after the Wolves worked out college stars Jeff Green and Al Horford in preparation for next week’s draft. “But we’re not out there actively shopping Kevin Garnett around the NBA. I can tell you that much.”
The Celtics are said to still be mulling over the pros and cons of the deal. A plus is the opportunity to take a giant step in an Eastern Conference race that would appear to be fairly wide open next season. On the downside, the Celtics would be trading away a player nine years Garnett’s junior in Jefferson, who is coming off a breakout season just three years out of high school.
It is not yet known what other pieces would be involved in the deal to make it work financially, but one can assume Theo Ratliff [stats]’s expiring contract could be part of the mix.
Garnett can opt out of his contract after next season, meaning the Timberwolves run the risk of losing him without compensation if they don’t trade him before then and he tires of not playing on a competitive team. That has ramped up speculation that he could be on the move.
A key part of the transaction would be the Celts knowing Garnett wants to make the move.
Garnett, who turned 31 on May 19, is an eight-time All-NBA selection and a 10-time All-Star. He averaged 22.4 points, 12.8 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game for Minnesota last season.
Jefferson, a first-round pick by the C’s in 2004, averaged 16.0 points, 11.0 rebounds and 1.3 assists last season.
In the past, McHale has completely dismissed questions of Garnett’s availability, including after last season when he said emphatically, “We’re not going to trade Kevin Garnett.” Now, McHale is qualifying those remarks.

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Diamond_Mike said...

Are there rumors that the T-wolves are trading for the #5 pick to get Jeff Green?