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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More Indications That Green May Return

Any Katz has a report in his blog on Insider indicating that there is mounting evidence that Jeff Green may return to Georgetown to get his degree and a national championship. Jeff seems incredibly reluctant to head to the NBA--unlike most college players who are slated to be lottery picks. I know all the VBBoys have their fingers and toes crossed that he returns to the Hilltop.

Green schedules D.C. workouts
posted: Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Jeff Green's actions throughout the NBA draft process continue to indicate he might be closer to returning to Georgetown instead of being a certain lottery pick. Georgetown coach John Thompson III confirmed to that the Big East player of the year will conduct all his workouts at Georgetown instead of incurring any expenses going through NBA workouts at a team's practice facility.

Teaser: Green is working out for only Chicago, Boston, and Milwaukee. Also, "multiple NBA teams" are beginning to believe he will withdraw from the draft. My guess is that if he doesn't get a guarantee from any one of those, he's coming back.

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IPB said...

I think Diamond hit the nail on the head.

Today it is not unusual for projected lottery picks (like Green) to conduct a select number of workouts for a small number of teams. In fact, very few of the top players participate in the pre-draft camps anymore. So Green's decision to audition for only a handful of team is really no surprise. It is a bit different, however, to make teams to travel to see you.

My hunch, like Diamond's, is that if one of the teams he is interested in represents they will take him with their selection if he is still available, he's gone and will not return to Georgetown.