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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Belarusian Bear Speaks

The Frederick News Post has a good article about Nikita on their website. It sounds like he is a really good kid. He seems very excited to come to Georgetown (and who wouldn't). I hope that his basketball skills grow to match his enthusiasm.

Nikita's dream team
June 22, 2007
By Jason Barbato
News-Post Staff

Once his lengthy, Belarus name had been penned to basketballs, T-shirts and other items during a coed youth basketball camp in the St. John's-Catholic Prep gymnasium Wednesday, Nikita Mescheriakov delivered an inspirational speech to the awestruck third- through ninth-graders in attendance at the clinic.
"Everybody has a dream. I've got the chance to go to Georgetown, and that was my dream," Mescheriakov, the lanky, 6-foot-7 recent recipient of a full athletic scholarship from the powerful Hoyas basketball program, told the kids.

"I just keep working hard every day, and my dream came true," Nikita continued. "And the same can happen for you."

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