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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bucks Work Out With Green

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a report on the Bucks' workout with Jeff Green on Tuesday. The quotes from the Bucks' officials, who have the 6th overall pick in the draft, are mainly generic. They note that Jeff can play either 3 or 4, and that they think he has the skill to be a solid defender in the NBA.

There are, however, two interesting nuggets in this article. First, the author notes that "Bucks general manager Larry Harris, director of player personnel Dave Babcock and coach Larry Krystkowiak traveled to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday to take a look at Georgetown junior forward Jeff Green, whose stock has been rising during the workout process." That is not a good remark if you really want Jeff to return to Georgetown. And I really want him to. Second, the author quotes the Bucks' director of player personnel, Dave Babcock, who explained that, "It's not set in stone that he's coming out. He really likes school, and they have a legitimate national championship contending team (for next season)." Though we've heard this many times before, I like that it's coming straight from a team official and that it was said as recently as yesterday. There is still hope.

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1 comment:

Italian Stallion said...

While I like the Bucks' comments, it could just be lip service to discourage others from taking a look at him.

Tough call weighing possible NCAA title vs possible $$$$. Also, going top 5-6 in the draft is hard to improve upon even in next year's draft with a NCAA title. My money says that he goes - why risk injury to get redrafted in the same spot next year. While I hate to see it, I can't blame the guy.