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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 Analyzes Jeff Green's Decision provides some good analysis of Jeff Green's decision to leave the Hoyas (And before anyone thinks anything; I know I should move on...but I can't). It makes two good points.

First, it reiterrates the point made by The Washington Post about why this was a difficult decision for Jeff.

By all accounts, Green enjoyed college basketball and loved Georgetown. Hoyas coach John Thompson III told The Washington Post that Green’s affection for his school and his friends there made was the reason it was such a difficult decision.

That's the kind of sentiment that should make any Hoya pround.

Second, it notes that Georgetown is going to be just fine in its first post-Green season.

When the time, Green made his decision and did what was best for him.

He did it without hurting the Georgetown program and that’s the best part of the story. Sure, the Hoyas would be better off with this multi-dimensional player back in a Georgetown uniform. So would college basketball as a whole.

But Thompson had plenty of time to brace for Green’s departure, and Hibbert’s return certainly softens the blow. Eight of Georgetown’s top nine players return — including Jonathan Wallace, Jessie Sapp and DeJuan Summers — and recruits Austin Freeman and Chris Wright were considered two of the top high school guards in the country.

Georgetown will remain a Big East contender, with high hopes for a return to the Final Four, even without Green.

Let's hope that this turns out to be true!

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Italian Stallion said...

Sad to see Green go, but you have to respect it. Although the draft is yet to happen, I'm going to make the assumption that he goes top 10. Honestly, as good as Green is, he was not going to become a top 3 pick by staying another year. Also, I agree with the sentiments that we'll be fine w/o him. His unselfish attitude is shared by others on the squad and will provide the chance for some of the younger guys to get some good PT.