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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Recruiting Update

There have been a number of reports circulating on the recruiting front over the last couple of weeks. just released its updated top 100 ranking, so I figured this was as good a time as any to post an update here.

It seems that Broadus's departure has indeed led to the recruiting fallout many expected. Early targets like #6 Samardo Samuels (6'8, 240) and #10 David Ebanks (6'8, 185) are off the table. Samuels just committed to Louisville and Ebanks is deciding between Indiana, Rutgers and Miami. (Rutgers? . . . . Really?) Although we are still listed by #2 Ed Davis (6'8, 215), most think he's headed to UNC or UVA.

The new targets appear to be #1 Greg Monroe (6'9, 195), #20 Michael Dunigan (6'9, 240) and #39 J'mison Morgan (6'9, 265). Georgetown was the first school out of Monroe's mouth when he was asked about his leaders and the Hoyas do supposedly lead outright for Dunigan. Morgan has listed Kanas and GU as his top 2. Obviously, any of these guys were be a great pick-up. Keep your eye on Monroe. We're going to have to battle Duke, among others, but this kid is described as smart and unselfish. He would fit perfectly into the Jeff Green role in the Princetown offense.

In case you were wondering, Scout now ranks Henry Sims at #40, Chris Braswell at #47, and Jason Clark at #82. By the way, Braswell has reportedly left Dematha and is enrolled at Hargrave Military Academy, Vernon Macklin's alma mater. Chris basically spent all of last year riding pine do to academic issues and saw his national rank drop from top 10 to top 50. My guess is that a military academy is probably a good solution to get him on track in the classroom and on the court. Clark and Sims continue to impress and improve. Some observers think Clark (who was the only junior on the All-Met First Team) will be the stud of this class.

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