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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jeff Green to Work Out for Boston Celtics This Friday

This morning's Boston Herald is reporting the Celtics will travel to Washington this Friday to work out Jeff Green. I've posted the blurb below for our readers. If the workout takes place, it will only be 72 hours from the deadline (June 18) for early entrants like Green to withdraw. If Jeff returns, looks like he's going to wait until the last minute to let us all know.

Going to Green
Ainge, coach Doc Rivers and the rest of the staff plan to watch Georgetown forward Jeff Green work out Friday in Washington.
Green, who has not hired an agent and is retaining the option of a return to college, is thus required under NCAA regulations to pay his own way to workouts. As a result, teams are coming to him.
Like Brandon Wright [of UNC], Green is conducting workouts without a partner, meaning general managers and scouts are traveling for the opportunity to watch him in shooting drills.
The same was true when the Celtics traveled to watch Yi Jianlian, the Chinese star, in Los Angeles. . . .

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Jester of Magellan said...

I've always thought that Jeff would wait until after his Celtics' workout to make his decision. The Celtics are the team with the highest (to my knowledge) draft pick that have come to DC. I would imagine that if the Celtics tell Jeff that they want to take him as the 5th overall pick, he'll stay in the draft. If they can't give him any kind of assurance then (hopefully) he'll return to school.