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Thursday, January 18, 2007

What I learned last night....

(1) Recruiting gurus sometimes know what they are talking about. Summers and Macklin looked fantastic. Both will be studs by the end of this year/early next year.

(2) Rutgers does not deserve to be in the Big East. They are a mockery of a sham of a basketball team. Just awful.

(3) We tend to play to the level of our opponents. A performance like we had against Notre Dame would have yielded a 30 or 40 point victory.

(4) Jeff has just not been Jeff this year. And he will mostly like not go pro as feared.

(5) Roy needs to be benched if he is not beasting. The sub in for V-Mack seemed to light a fire under him.

This was simply not an inspiring game, but it was nice for the frosh to get some burn and for our core to get some rest. Hopefully we come and and blitz the Hall. They are going to press us just like Nova did and we better be ready to punish them for it.

Go Hoyas!

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Jester of Magellan said...

The best thing about last night's game was the Macklin to Summer's fast break dunk. Just fantastic.

The second best things about last night was Macklin's drive to the left with the left-handed floater. A highly skilled shot from a big man.

The third best thing about last night was how much time Hibbert, Green, and Wallace spent on the bench. I've suspected that a big part of our loss against Nova was guy's being winded by too little rest between games. With the short turn around between the Rutgers and Seton Hall games, givinng those core players a blow will be huge.