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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Roy finally mans up.

I think we finally got a taste of what Roy can do. Granted, he was beasting against a much smaller team, but smaller, physical teams have given him problems in the past, see Villanova. There was also a marked improvement in our guard play -- they have clearly worked on getting Roy the ball in the post and were feeding him well. All in all, a good performance; but we need to work on perimeter defense -- Cinci was unconscious. That was the best shooting performance I've seen live since we played Duke last year.
I thought Jeff also played a great game. This was the first time this year that both he and Roy played that well. The best aspect of the game, though, was probably that the Hoyas only had 5 turnovers. This sets a school record. Our offense was incredibly efficient -- in the second half we went almost 15 minutes without failing to score on a possession.
On the downside, Summers was terrible, at least offensively. And, well, that's basically it. Pat Jr. was great again and Wallace and Sapp were solid. I even thought Rivers looked good; his shot is uglier than ugly though.)


IPB said...

Great victory and all-around team effort. Summers' performance was uncharacteristic and I am confident he will bounce back.

On to St. John's!!!

Jester of Magellan said...

I wouldn't worry about Summers. Freshmen will have bad games. That he's had so few is nothing short of amazing.

Roy looked great. Granted, Cinci's tallest player is only 6'6", but I'll take what we can get right now. Hopefully this game works as a confident booster and translates into solid performances against bigger foes. And, by the way, the little jump shot that Roy started the game off with was beautiful.

Oh, and Jeff Green's break away dunk was sick