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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Closer?

Barker Davis has an excellent piece in today's Washington Times about who the Hoyas should call upon as their closer. Davis explains that the Hoyas' 13 wins have all come by double digits and they are 0-4 in single digit games. Thus, Davis asks the legitimate question: In whose hands should the Hoyas put the ball at the end of the game when they are down by a possession or two. He interestingly decides that Jessie Sapp is Georgetown's best option.

Along the way, Davis makes one of the funniest comments I've read all year. When considering and eliminating Jeff Green as our "go to guy" he makes this remark:
Unfortunately, Green has a maddening passive streak and plays every third game or so like he's dipped his hands in Crisco.
I love Jeff, but it's damn funny.

1 comment:

Diamond_Mike said...

It is a great piece. I was just going to post it.

I'm worried about our seeming inability to win close games, which is funny because under JTIII we've been pretty good at closing out close games. I really think that this team has really underachieved in its loses and when we are clicking we are going to blow most everyone out. DePaul is a good mid-level Big East team with one great player. Let's see if we can maintain the momentum.