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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rumors, Rumors

Okay, so this is a little more than a rumor. A publication called "Sports Business Journal" is reporting that the Hoyas are receiving new architecural renderings of an on-campus practice facility. What this all entails is anybody's guess. Some are speculating that there will be something built separately from McDonough. My assumption is that McDonough will be raised. But what will everyone do while construction is ongoing? Interesting stuff. I wonder if JTIII got this in his new (again rumored) contract. It would certainly make sense for it to be part of the new capital campaign. Hopefully, this would also include an on-campus arena (see 2004 rendering below)--but it would make sense to bill it as a "practice facility" for community relations. And I think the best we could hope for would be 8 or 9k--so we would still play most of the Big East slate at Verizon.

Anyway, here is the link to the website. You can't read the article but the abstract says: "D.C. DIGS: Georgetown University in Washington has joined the rapidly expanding list of NCAA Division I schools developing practice facilities for their basketball programs, sources said. The new facility woul ..."

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Diamond_Mike said...

The more I think about this I realize that any on-campus facility that takes the place of McDonough would have to include some sort of arena. Where else are the Lady Hoyas going to play? Once that is said, we simply being niggling over details--3k, 4k, or 9k....