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Monday, January 29, 2007

Gilbert, stick to what you know best

The Boston Herald is reporting that the following exchange occurred during the 3rd quarter of last night's Wizards-Celtics game:

Take a shot
Gilbert Arenas sidled over to Rivers in the third quarter and delivered a message.
“Hey, I watched your son,” Arenas said. “Tell him he’s got to shoot.”
The Wizards star was referring to Jeremiah Rivers, a freshman at Georgetown who, according to his dad as well, needs to put the ball up more. . . .
For those of you in need of further context, Arenas attended the Georgetown-DePaul matchup last week.

Now, anyone who has seen Rivers shoot this year can tell you that he needs to do a lot more shooting in practice before he even thinks about throwing up more outside jumpers during games.


Jester of Magellan said...

It's been a busy weekend for Jeremiah as far as the press goes. Going into the Cincinnati game the Washington Post ran a story focusing on Rivers.

I agree that Rivers is a bit of a disaster as a shooter thus far (FG% .387, FT% .400, 3-pt% .091), but the only way you're going to get better is to keep taking shots. I have to believe that he has the skill set, but just needs the confidence.

Diamond_Mike said...
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Diamond_Mike said...

I assume that Gilbert meant Jeremiah should shoot more in practice, not in the game. His shot is the ugliest thing I've seen in blue & grey since Rhese Gibson manned the post.