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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Total domination from start to finish. We looked like a top 10 team for the first time this year. This was even more impressive than the Michigan shelacking. IPB claims that Egerson was a "cancer." I still say we are going to miss him, but I was thrilled at how Pat has stepped it up. He looked great on defense.


IPB said...

Love the Pelosi pic.

A thoroughly dominating performance for start to finish.

Major props to Hibbert and Wallace. The game was never really in doubt, but JTIII nailed the coffin when he re-inserted Hibbert when we were up by 15 with about 12 minutes left in the game. Notre Dame had clawed back somewhat (after Green and Hibbert took the bench with 3 fouls each) then Hibbert took over and with over 7 minutes left he almost single-handedly extended the lead to 25 in about four minutes of play.

I cannot say enough superlatives about Jonathan Wallace. Although his free throw shooting was uncharacteristically off today, he is probably the only player on the team who brings it night in and night out and does so many little things that never show up on a stat sheet. As much as I like Hibbert and Green, I would, without any hestitation, tap him as our MVP. Not that individual accolades matter much though.

Yes, I did call Eggerson a cancer. I was never enthralled with his play (as many of you know), but I really soured on him as I leaned more about his background, his alleged behaviour while on-campus (reported by Diamond), and his suspect high school academic performance. Players like Eggerson do not belong at Georgetown. Period. You could tell the team chemistry was so much better without him around.

We showed today we can play without him. Notice that our 3 point FG % went way up because Eggerson wasn't jacking up those ill-advised threes. Keep in mind each time he did that (and missed) he took away a FG attempt from one of our better players. I do not expect us to shoot 50% from 3 pt range as we did today, but I guarantee our percentages will go up as more proficient 3 pt shooters will now take the attempts Eggerson usually threw up.

PE Jr. also brought great intensity. He seems to have a better understanding of his role, which is primarily to generate some hustle plays and provide some energy on D.

On the downside, Rivers looked horrible. Jester--I can only imagine what your young alum friends were saying about him today.

Jester of Magellan said...

The Rivers-haters behind me actually had very little say about Jeremiah's play. I guess they were too busy spilling beer and dropping peanut shells in Mrs. Jester's hair.

The best thing about the Pelosi appearance was hearing the nearly even mix of boos or cheers. The boos might have been the Notre Dame fans disgust with Madame Speaker's hardcourt allegiances, but I'm guessing there were probably some Georgetown fans mixed in there who didn't like her politics. You have to love DC.

As far as the game goes. Absolute domination. This is the first game where I actually felt like we lived up to the preseason hype. I hope we keep it up against Villanova--I'm a little worried about only getting two days rest. If we win, I'm hoping we can carry some momentum into our trip to Pittsburgh.