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Sunday, January 21, 2007

NJ Sweep

That was a nice win over a decent opponent. I think Seton Hall is much better than Rutgers and will win a few good games this year. Their guards are very quick and I was impressed at how they never really gave up. It forced us to leave our starters in for much of the game. Summers was clearly the star with his double-double but Wallace may have also played the best game of his carrer. Sapp looked great too and Hibbs rebounded well against a much much shorter team. He looks more agressive on defense but still had trouble on offense. I think that our guards just aren't good enough at feeding him. It looked to me like he was getting position pretty well but wasn't getting many touches. No real complaints beyond the obscene number of turnovers and the continuing disappearance of Jeff Green. At least he doesn't look like he will be ready to make the jump to the NBA any time soon..... Good effort by the Hoyas. Such a performance will likely be enough to top DePaul, Cinci, and St. John's before we get a tough one, but let's take one game at a time. DePaul beat Nova and Cinci beat West Virginia. There are no gimmes in the Big East....except for Rutgers. I know they actually have a decent football team but does any Big East school have a worse sports history than RU?! Just pathetic.

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Diamond_Mike said...

As an example of losing to one of the "cupcakes," Syracuse lost today to St. John's. The Cuse shot 28% from the line. Otherwise they would have won, but it looked like St. John's played pretty well.